Get free photo editors and share your story with the world

Find where to get FREE Professional Photos & Photo Editors

Share Your Photos Like a Pro Using Free Photo Editors Tell your story using professional photos and edit your photos with the best and easiest photo editors for your mobile or desktop, FREE. When you have the tools and learn out how easy it is to make a few adjustments with these free photo editors, […]

Is Your Message Energetically Charged?

Is Your Message Energetically Charged?

When you focus on connecting energetically to your audience with social media you will generate more engagement. It’s been scientifically proven that we are all made up of energy. In this technically advanced world we know when we access energy from power companies and mobile devices it allows us to instantly share our messages. But, […]


7 Easy Writing Tips Using A Minimalist Mindset

The Expert Minimalist BE | Do | Have We have been taught that if we do, we will have and when we have we can be. This concept of living creates an enormous work load and many times you end up with nothing. What if we take a minimalist approach and shift into abundance, which […]


Setting Intentions to Generate a Business Plan

Focus on necessary goals to make a solid business plan In this podcast, I will share how setting intentions to focus on goals. A goal is not achievable without intentions in essence, motivate you to gain momentum and succeed. Once you practice this you will be able to develop a business plan. A successful business […]

How to Build a Brand

Branding Guide with 5 Steps to Knock Out A Killer Brand

How to build a killer brand in 5 easy steps In this podcast you will learn 5 easy steps to brand your blog with this free branding guide. How to get fans to recognize and remember you everytime you post a blog article. In the last few minutes of the podcast Melody will guide you […]

connecting to raving fans

Get Raving Fans to LOVE Your Blog Posts

It’s tough today to get raving fans, let alone get fans to return to your blog again and again. This podcast talks about tips and secrets to focus on getting raving fans to love your blog. In the last few minutes of the podcast Melody will guide you to set an inspirational intention to keep […]

work life balance

How to Balance Work & Life With Intention

Focus on the things in life that matter and set daily intentions and life will flow! In this weekly podcast, Melody will cover tips, techniques and tools to optimize your blog while you focus your time on sharing your passion with the world! This week we focus on work life balance and intention. I share […]

Trust the Journey

Blogging Matters 101 – Start a Blog!

A new podcast for beginners! Have you ever wanted to start a blog but you didn’t know where to start? In this podcast, Melody will cover tips, techniques and tools to share while you focus your time sharing your passion with the world! It’s easy once you have the tools and resources to get started, […]


Develop the Mindset of the Smart Entrepreneur

Many of us grew up with the knowledge that we need a good education and job to survive and thrive. There are very few who are taught to become leaders and entrepreneurs. There is no text book in high school on how to be an entrepreneur, it is a mindset and it takes practice to […]

fishin for a blog?

10 Inspiring Reasons to Start A Blog

There has never been a better time to start your blog! If you’ve been indecisive about starting a blog to make money, you are about to make the best decision of your life. You just need the motivation and information to help you start your own blog. Why start a blog? Because bloggers are the […]

Prince Twitter Post

PRINCE the Entrepreneur

Prince will always be known as a legendary musician but he was also a successful entrepreneur. He started out as many artists do, signing a contract with a mega recording label. A few years later he turned into a superstar and he regretted working for a record label that controlled his music and his brand. […]

loved one

Will You Be Aligned With Your Goals During a Personal Crisis?

When the Unexpected Happens After You’ve Set Your Goals As an entrepreneur we can sometimes get side tracked, especially when dealing with unexpected personal matters. Will you be aligned with your goals if something unexpected happens? This happened to me recently. I spent a week setting my goals and intentions for the year and was […]

Diver executes a dive

Focus on Planning and Execution to Build a Solid Business

StrategyWrx Series: Focus on Planning and Execution to Build a Solid Business Most of us who decide to become entrepreneurs have a great idea. I asked my daughter who works in corporate for a Fortune 100 company, what is it where some people have a  brilliant idea for a business but, they can’t get where […]


Build an Internet Business in 30 Days

You can easily build a blog in 30 days. Melody shares a solid plan and timeline to get your blog up and running, sooner rather than later. Do you have a passion you want to share with the world and make money? Or, maybe you work in sales and need to up your game. A […]

Build an online audience

Proven Digital Strategies to Generate Sales

In this podcast Melody, along with her guest Karen Olenski a former marketing executive and currently a marketing consultant, share proven digital marketing strategies to help you generate sales. Whether you have a blog, website or another platform to sell products and services these are essential to incorporate into your sales strategy to drive and […]