2 Simple Strategies to Gain Social Media Followers

Social Media (SM) is a powerful tool for driving followers to your website. You should be using SM to build an audience while driving SM traffic to your website or blog with links. Whether you want to lead them to your website to read information or to engage the audience to make a transaction, follow these 2 simple strategies to gain social media followers.
Simple Strategy Number One:
The first strategy is to attract a following by sharing information about who you are and what you are about using attractive visuals with an engaging bio write up. Basically, the first impression of a potential follower is your profile and it’s crucial that it represents you in order to attract quality people that have similar interests.  Your images are important. How do you find what images work best? Test your profile by swapping out the images each week to see what gets the most attention. It is also equally important to ensure your bio is interesting enough to get people to engage with you. A quality follower will connect with your content in your bio. And just like your images, you want to test your bio and change it up, to find what others connect with best.
If you want to gain quality followers you need to spend time on how your profile looks and represents you. Let’s take a look at some successful profiles below, as examples. Along with good images you want to write an interesting bio in a short sentence. For months I would change my bio description, testing every week and sometimes daily to find what people were connecting too. How do you know what’s working and what’s not working? Check your page to see how many new followers you received after you have made edits to your profile. Review by comparing your weekly reports that Twitter/Facebook provides and be sure to log which images you used that week. Bonus: Follow the tip at the end of this article to help you produce professional images for FREE.
Be sure to test one thing at a time, otherwise, you won’t know which part of the profile is working for you. Each week change out your header image for a month (4 different images) to see what is working. Then begin to test your profile pic, and lastly, test your bio to notice any significant percentage increases in the number of followers you receive.
How do you know you are getting quality followers? Take notice of the follower’s bio and images. If it looks and acts like a duck, it probably is a duck. If the bio is blank and the profile image has the default egg (Twitter) image, it’s not a quality follower. Although a blank profile could possibly be a legit and decent connection, it’s unlikely they will receive any attention from others or add value to your strategy. This is why it’s important that you take the time to keep your profile looking snazzy, so others will trust and follow you.
Twitter Profile Example #1
Twitter Profile Example #1
This profile above is simple yet great and has a huge following which exemplifies a very successful profile and tweeter. If you look at her bio under her image you can see in a snapshot what she does with a twisted sense of humor (mommy blogger.) Her caption is very captivating and intriguing which obviously hooks followers. To be cleaver and humorous can work well in social media, but be careful and monitor what type of followers you are attracting, it could be the wrong kind of attention and would defeat your purpose. This tweeter is also very active with her followers and participates in active dialog on her page.
Twitter Profile Example #2
Twitter Profile Example #2
The example above is “The First Lady” of the United States of America. Her profile is simple, and shows her exuberant personality. In the bio under her picture it explains that this is not her personal Twitter account, yet it acknowledges she will publish her own tweets.
These two profiles should give you a good start on how simple yet engaging your profile can be by adding a few good photos with a good bio that defines who you are and in turn, it will attract the audience you desire.

How to get followers to interact and direct traffic to your website

Simple Strategy Number Two:
Here’s how to engage your followers with content and lead them back to your website. Simply, start by sending messages, adding photos and articles that are interesting and can coexist with your subject matter/niche. The content does not have to be your own, it can be curated content. Content curation is the newest and smartest strategy to get people interested in following you. You are sharing relevant content that pertains to your subject matter. When you share information from another online source, people have a tendency to trust you. Because you are sharing information and not selling something. Once you build a relationship with followers then you can begin to promote your own content with links that will direct followers to your site to buy product/services or simply get information.
Be patient in building your audience and don’t pull the trigger too soon when selling your own goods, remember the idea is to get people to trust you and be assured you are reliable and valuable. Once you get people to trust you and you’re making money, don’t forget to continue to build trust by sharing valuable content and most of all, be a real person and show that you care about them, be transparent. And don’t forget to get our blogging guide free to get more tips and learn how to be a digital marketer that gets results.
TIP: To incorporate good quality images that fit any SM format here is a tool you can use easily and inexpensively sign up for at canva.com.  It has a free version and allows you to upload your images and enhance and resize to correctly fit almost any media. It is intuitive and applies the exact size when you assign which social network you need the image to fit, such as Twitter. Then you save the image and download it to add into your profile. You can also make beautiful posters with text and quotes to capture your audience’s interest. They also include a variety of infographic templates to easily make a complex story board into an interactive piece of art.
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