Will You Be Aligned With Your Goals During a Personal Crisis?

When You've Aligned Your Goals , Success Follows

When the Unexpected Happens After You’ve Set Your Goals

As an entrepreneur we can sometimes get side tracked, especially when dealing with unexpected personal matters. Will you be aligned with your goals if something unexpected happens?

This happened to me recently. I spent a week setting my goals and intentions for the year and was ready to rock ‘n roll!

I was suddenly pulled from my reality into my mother’s world who was an eight year lung cancer survivor. She became ill and went into the hospital in Flint, Michigan. Many of you may know there is a water crisis with lead poisoning the systems in homes and businesses in the city of Flint.

We were in the middle of it, reading the news daily about a most recent cover up within the hospital system too, which lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease six months earlier. Legionnaires’ affects the lungs and this was an extremely stressful situation. We were worried about our own exposure, as well as my ailing mother.

loved one

Taking care of a loved one at the end of life is priceless.

My mother got better and was able to go into a rehab facility. As you can see in the picture to the right my mother was on the mend and I left her believing she was going to go home. She took a turn and ended up back in the hospital and died two weeks later. RIP mom!

My mother was still living near where I grew up, which was over 3000 miles away from where most of my family and I currently live. I took time off and put all my goals on hold to be with my family in crisis.

I’m very thankful I have the ability to make those choices as an entrepreneur. Family always comes first in my life and it’s why I chose to become an entrepreneur.

Never give up on your dream even when the unexpected happens.

Side Note: One goal that worked itself out while I was bonding with family, was the book I co-authored. I believe everything has it’s order and happens for a reason. I finished writing my story and sent it to the publisher days before I got the call that mom was sick. Three days after mom transitioned from this life, my book was released and became a bestseller in new releases.

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Whenever you experience a set-back as an entrepreneur it’s all on you to pick up where you left off and it’s much easier when you have a good plan in place.

Here’s my secret formula which makes goal setting and executing simple and attainable

  • Identify your dreams vs goals
  • Define the benefits of each goal
  • Plan for obstacles that you may need to overcome
  • Identify skills, knowledge or hired help that’s required to accomplish each goal
  • Connect with the groups, companies and organizations you need to execute
  • Practice Daily Intentions – Audio Guided Intentions
  • Set Completion Dates

I follow-up with my goals every quarter to ensure I stay on track, reviewing options and discern if redirection is required. I focus on any problems and apply tweaks where the initial plan needs a boost.

It’s also very important to understand your analytic tools to ensure the indicators are right on and are guiding you in the right direction. I can help! I’m a business coach and I can help you with your dreams and goals.

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