Setting Intentions to Generate a Business Plan

Business Plan

Focus on necessary goals to make a solid business plan

In this podcast, I will share how setting intentions to focus on goals. A goal is not achievable without intentions in essence, motivate you to gain momentum and succeed. Once you practice this you will be able to develop a business plan.

A successful business requires a balanced life and planning should include all aspects of your life, not just planning business goals, but personal goals as well. What ever motivates you to enjoy life should be included when setting goals.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

~Tony Robbins

Some of you may say that money is the motivating factor because we need money to pay the bills. But, money is the result of your efforts, it should not be what motivates you. If that is why you are doing the things you do, you need to listen to this podcast.

I want you to dig deep into your soul and pull out what makes you happy. Think of a specific moments in time where you were bursting with joy. I doubt one of those moments was your pay check.

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Don’t worry about money, the money will come…

…When you set the intentions that make you happy and focus on enjoying what you do.

Goals alone, without setting an intention, do not work. I remember in Corporate when I would have my annual goal setting meeting and the question was always asked… How do you see yourself with this company in 5 years? UGH! My mind would always say, I see myself somewhere else, where I truly am valued and happy.

Where was the motivation? In my corporate days, companies were in such bad economic shape, the incentive of an annual increase in salary was non-existent.

It’s like you and your boss are reading from a movie script. The movie eventually takes a turn for the worse and you’re running through the woods in fear of Jason, from the movie, Friday the 13th. It was such a nightmare!

” In the early 2000’s , General Motors had set a goal to capture 29% of the American auto market. They even produced corporate pins for people to wear with the number 29 on them. Needless to say they never achieved that goal, and without a government bailout, may not have even survived.” – Psychology Today ~ Why goal setting doesn’t work by Ray Williams

Goal setting alone, simply does not work and why new year’s resolutions fail as well. For those who always start out to lose weight in the new year many fail, because they do not set intentions with a true desired outcome. We are going to set an intention and you will understand what I mean about attaching your true desire to it.

I refer to goals as intentions and I set an intention everyday. It could be as simple as having a desire to be productive or more centered. I can set intentions just to be pleasant and not grumpy. You know what I’m talking about, you have those days when you’re down and you know you won’t be as friendly to a client or customer.

How Intention Setting Works

Energy is a magnet, and when we connect with people, there is usually an energetic connection. The energy can also easily attach to you, whether it was a negative and positive connection. There are days where my intention is to put a shield around me to protect me from the negative energy.

I want to teach you how to tap into energy to generate good things in life and manifest your intentions.

Let’s begin by asking yourself the right questions to define your goals and then set the intention. In this scenario, I want to start my own business.

Ask and write each question down to find solutions to your happiness.

  1. Why do I want to start my own business? (What am I looking for that I am not getting in a corporate job?)
  2. Do I want to earn a little extra money or do I want total financial freedom?
  3. Should I focus on saving for retirement or do I want to retire at an early age by earning passive income?
  4. Do I need extra money so I can plan a yearly dream vacation with my family?
  5. Should I include making enough money to pay for my kid’s college?

You may be a mom who just desires to find something rewarding to do during school hours and make some extra cash.

As you can see in the questions above I am seeking something more in life with many questions referencing money.

Because money is the end result to my goal seeking effort. But, here are the  motivating factors that will impact the goal. I want to get out of a corporate job that makes me unhappy. I want to decide whether just a side gig will satisfy me for now until I can figure it out. I want to retire feeling happy and secure by setting these goals, or do I want to enjoy a dream vacation every year without going into stressful debt?

It is the adjectives in that you need to focus on, happy, secure, joyful, this is your motivation to keep you focused on the end results, your outcome.

Make sense?

Whatever your dream is, you have to set intentions to manifest the outcome of your goal

There are now scientific studies that prove we have the power to manifest what you want with just a thought. The problem today is we are not setting the intention properly with what you are truly seeking and you end up doubting yourself and sabotaging it every time. Today I am going to show you how to focus on your intentions and map it out.

“To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

To help you understand you have the ability to make money with just a thought I am going to give you some hard facts, because this is how our brain works, you have to show me the money before I can believe in myself to make it… right?

Can you make money online? The last Cyber Monday in the USA made $3.5 billion and there are over 3 billion people who use the Internet,
The key is building traffic to either your blog or your shopping cart setup.

You will hear story after story if you research how to make money online about others who started out, the pioneers of the Internet, and they struggled and failed, sometimes more than once.  But, they persevered and eventually became very successful.

The pioneers of the Internet were very much like the pioneers of the wild west. They had a dream of a better life and they were willing to do anything to get it. The wild west pioneers risked their lives in harsh conditions and dangerous territory.

The Internet pioneers risked their entire financial security and lost everything, but one thing they didn’t do was give up.They had a dream and set intentions which made them believe in their self, manifesting whatever they set.

The good news about their pain and journey is since then, business models were created and the technology that serves those models was made easier for anyone to build an online business.

They have figured it out and are now serving it on a silver platter to anyone that wants to jump online and make money. The bad news… it is not a get quick rich model. You can jump into a business model if you have a budget and start making money right away. Many  who depend on a corporate job to pay the bills can build an online business with very little money but it can take a little longer to generate income without a budget.

The SECRET to starting an online business

  • Goals and Intention setting
  • Training to get the right tools
  • Connect to  communities/groups in Facebook for support and advice
  • Time and money
  • A business plan

The most important thing you will need to do is stay focused on your intentions and believe in yourself.

I am going to help you do that today and help you get started and you can use this practice for anything you want to manifest in life.

I also have a free goal setting guide to download and help you focus on the intentions that will motivate you to complete your goals. At the end of the session I will guide you to set an intention. ALL successful entrepreneurs start with a dream, such as I want financial freedom or I want to have a job where I can spend more time with my kids.

That’s how it starts with an intention, and then you build on it to manifest it. You have to trust the universe that it will work with you to bring it to fruition.

Let’s get started:

  1. Goal Setting is no different from following a cooking recipe or a repair task.
  2. We are going to create a recipe for your success

In intention setting we start with an end result, it could be as simple as stating I want more financial security, fancy vacations, enough money for children’s education, whatever it is you will define it by attaching a motivating factor which is this makes me, happy, healthy, joyous, secure.

Don’t give it too much thought just make the statement, and as you work through your Intentions you may realize that you need to adjust the intent and actions to serve the best interest of the goal. Do not put limits on yourself this is where you will sabotage your dreams.

Are their times you will not meet your goals exactly the way you thought? Absolutely, things happen, life happens and can interfere “temporarily with your dreams.” If you practice intention setting regularly you will find you manifest things quite easily.

We are all made up of energy and operate at different frequencies. If you were to analyze your energy, what do you think is your frequency? If shame were the lowest frequency you function at, and Peace is the highest on a scale 1 to 10, peace is ten, where do you fall? If there were a secret recipe and you added a sprinkle of love, gratitude, then throw in a little fear and guilt, where do you think you fall on that scale now?

Your energy can get very complicated, it’s like your fingerprint, unique to only you.

A practice that uses energy to find health issues and heal the body is called Reiki. The medical profession acknowledges this practice as real and Mayo Clinic now uses Reiki as treatment, along with many local hospitals. If you talk to a certified expert in Reiki they will tell you they can can feel heat coming from your body, where you may have health issues, and they can focus their energy to heal those areas. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

If we all had an understanding that what you put out comes back would this help you raise your vibration? Because what you put out in energy you also attract. What kind of vibration from others do you want to attract to be successful in achieving your goals?

Working on your vibration is important, it’s what everyone was talking about when “The Secret” a documentary on how to generate wealth. You heard many testimonials in the documentary about how they manifested their dream. If you really think about it and analyze your life you will find you have manifested exactly what you thought about, and it may not be what you wanted, but it was part of your thought process.

It’s ok, you didn’t know any better, your mind would not take you to places that you didn’t know existed.

If you were to analyze your life from where you are and think about it, you receiving exactly what you’ve been putting out. Is it time to make a change or is what you’re putting out actually is manifesting your dreams? Only you can decide what is real and what isn’t, reality has become a slippery slope for many, just try and grasp the idea of quantum physics and the possibilities for reality are endless.

Setting An Intention

We will start with a small practice of intention setting. I recommend you practice this daily. The more you do this and you realize how powerful it is… will help you to easily write out an entire business plan for the year.

I also recommend you look at your plan every quarter and make adjustments to it as your intentions develop and you learn how to control the outcomes.

So let’s stop there and start to think about all the possibilities to start with a simple intention. As you practice this you will later add the action steps with outcomes which will help you write out a plan.

  1. First, before you set an intention you need to raise your energy vibration in gratitude. I want you to think about a specific time where you were grateful for something or think of something you are grateful for right now.
  2. Feel the gratitude, not just think about it. If you can’t think of something right now, think about a time where you got a new job, had a baby, was accepted into a college, or escaped a moment of death. Can you think of a time where something almost happened, an accident or a time when you missed something and was glad you did, that’s gratitude. Feel the gratitude you felt in that moment, it can feel almost exciting or deeply humbling. Right?
  3. Do you remember? Can you feel it? Good, I want you to hold that feeling for a few seconds.
  4. Now in this vibration of gratitude we are going to set an intention. It could be small or it could be big. For example, many people set weight loss or getting in better shape as a resolution or goal and fail. If you choose one of those now, this is how I would set an intention.
  5. I want you to remember a time in your life where you were in the best shape of your life. I know you remember, we all can remember that one event we attended or the clothes worn. How about fitting into those skinny jeans or noticing the definition in the muscle in your arm? Do you remember how great you felt? I want you to feel that now. Do you have an intention where you are trying to change your career and want to spend more time with your kids? Think about what it feels when you walk in the door after being gone all day and that little face greets you, because they missed you all day. What about a dog and how excited it becomes and it’s tail is wagging when you walk in the door. How that makes you feel?
  6. Your  intention is the feeling and reward you receive from achieving your goal. Whatever it is, don’t think about how you will achieve it, think about how it will make you feel, that is your motivation.

Got it?

That’s it, that’s all there is to intention setting, once you set your intentions by sitting in a quiet place and allowing your mind to go to those places that made you happy,  you are now ready to write out your business plan.

What steps and actions will you need to take to achieve your outcome, your intention?

I told you it was going to be simple, too good to be true? Not at all, this is how you get motivated to achieve your dreams. Think about it? If I were to say, set an intention in a material way, maybe it’s a new car. Ok, you can manifest that too, but you have to think about how that car is going to make you feel. What does a new car smell like? If it’s something you can feel, taste or smell and visualize that’s what you use to set the intention.

Then you make an action plan in a calendar and put a plan in place, find out how much it’s going to cost, and write out a savings budget to put aside each month.

It’s becomes a little more challenging if your brain doesn’t fire correctly. The energy needs to be of a vibration that keeps you motivated.

The more you practice you will also learn about yourself, like, what’s really important to you.

Fill out the form below and get your free guide to help you with goal setting and intentions to start your business plan. It’s easy to be balanced and productive in business when you have a plan.

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