Develop Compelling Blog Content to Catch an Audience

Catch an Audience

In this 2 part podcast, Melody is joined by her special guest, Karen Olenski. Karen is a strategic marketing and communications executive with 20+ years of experience in strategy, planning and execution. You will learn about how compelling content catches and engages an audience to build your blogging business. Are you looking to start a business, break away from your mundane job? Melody gives you a solid start in how to go about starting a blog and sharing your passions with the world. Each week a new podcast will be posted to help you get your blog on! Don’t forget to sign up and get your free copy of the Essential Blogging Tools and receive valuable updates to keep up with this growing platform.

Develop Compelling Content to Catch an Audience – Part I

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Develop Compelling Content to Catch an Audience – Part II

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Contributing Author

Melody Tune is the founder and strategic leader at DesignWrx Digital Marketing

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A digital marketing strategist with 20 years of digital marketing experience working in corporate and has owned over 100 websites. An author and former Certified Ziglar Legacy Coach who shares inspiration and helps you take the short cut in figuring it out. She has helped individuals, sales teams, and organizations to succeed with their digital marketing efforts and websites. She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 clients and currently helps entrepreneurs get started or move to the next level with online branding, social media campaigns, digital marketing, blogging and websites. As a former graphic designer she has a keen eye for visual communications with strategies that work!

“Be intentional when setting goals focusing on significance”
~Melody Tune
Online Business Coach

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