Is Your Message Energetically Charged?

Energetically Connected

When you focus on connecting energetically to your audience with social media you will generate more engagement. It’s been scientifically proven that we are all made up of energy. In this technically advanced world we know when we access energy from power companies and mobile devices it allows us to instantly share our messages. But, is your message energetically charged to send the right vibe to your tribe?

In the last few minutes of this podcast I share an exercise connecting you to the energy that exists all around you. This will help you become more aware of your abilities and help you connect with intention, through the Internet to your audience. Wouldn’t it be magical if you could control how your audience receives and interacts with your electronic communications?

It’s not magic, it’s science and after reading/listening to this blog post you will have the knowledge to control it and use it.

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What you will learn:

  • Best practices in social media to optimize your efforts
  • The blogging tip of the week
  • An exercise to target your connection and practice with intention
  • How to reset your mind when your body limits you from connecting to the world
  • How your energy comes through in your writing and through your voice

Energy is far more expansive and complex than the mind and physical body can accept and comprehend. I logically accept that I can never fully grasp the concept of the universe in this limited physical world.

In recent years scientists embrace the theory that multiverses exists, which is infinite. Is it possible that our energy exists in more than one place at one time and is infinite? I believe it is, but it is extremely hard to understand as we have been programmed and defined by humans in a physical sense.

Cosmologists are making discoveries constantly which changes the possibilities in how we define life and energy. With the reality of these new discoveries we must redefine ourselves in how we connect with the world/universe.

With this knowledge it leads me into our topic which is how to build a strong connection in social media, energetically. To understand your own energy you must accept you are not limited in just a physical sense. There is too much scientific evidence and data to prove otherwise.

Social media is a tool that allows us to connect without physically seeing or hearing each other. Whenever you have an opportunity to communicate with someone, focus on your energy and be open to how you feel in that moment. Ask yourself, how am I feeling right now? Excited! Calm? Connected? When you are aware of how you actually feel it will come through in your writing, and your audience will connect and feel whatever your energy is transmitting.]

Anyone who has read a series of novels by a writer knows there is more to writing than just ink to paper. There is an energy that the writer shares with his/her readers. A good writer will take you into their creative mind and make you feel exactly what they are feeling when they are telling the story.

This is why it’s addictive to follow a certain author. You become one in the story, when their energy is embedded with their writing. The great writers have passed their energy throughout history. The same is true in famous paintings. How do you feel when you look at a painting? The artist has shared their feelings (energy) with you.

I hope you join me in discovering your power and ability to reach audiences without limitations by focusing on energy to connect your audience to you. I will share some techniques to help you grasp a new reality in technology by sharing your energy which is the actual force of your messaging.

But first…

Social Media Tips

Here are a few best practices to help you optimize and tune up your social media marketing.

  1.  Learn the different social media platforms and find where your tribe thrives.
    For Example, Pinterest gets a lot of traffic and has high conversions for selling products, if you sell products or programs, is a must!
    If your audience consists of corporate and business clients and/or has a business to business [B2B] model, then your social media is
  2.  When using Twitter and Instagram the key is using hashtags to push your message and images and gain new followers. Research the hashtags in Twitter and Instagram to view the most popular hashtags, Google it!
  3.  Most of the social media platforms are now setup with algorithms which limits everyone from seeing your posts, by joining groups in Facebook (FB) while interacting with its members, which have similar interests, can help you get more people to your blog.

I highly recommend if you are selling products or a program you must set a budget aside to buy ad space in Facebook [FB].  There is a learning curve to FB ads where you may want to hire a qualified virtual assistance that is an expert in FB ads, or start with low budget and test your ads to get the right engagement.

The most important part of your social media account is your profile!

Why? Because first impressions mean everything. It is the first thing a viewer will see and look at before they decide to follow you.

  1. Spend time on your profiles.
  2. Find a good image.
  3. Add a label to the bottom of your picture, expert, author, recovering procrastinator [humorous] to stand out.
  4. Look up and research other profiles that have a lot of followers to gain insight.
  5. Instead of describing yourself, tell people why they want to follow you. Solve a problem.
  6. Add your url in the bio for you blog.
  7. Use keywords in your bio too.
  8. You can research keywords in to see what’s popular and compare keywords to see which keyword has more weight.
  9. Spend time on your header image using to add compelling or funny text overlays. Canva has templates for the exact size of the header for all the social media platforms to simplify your work efforts.
  10. When your choosing an image make sure the central image falls in the top 2/3 of the picture to avoid Social media obstacles in the bottom 1/3

Here is your BLOGGING TIP of the week

When using Instagram be sure to tell your audience to click on the link in your bio. Try using humor in your caption or ask a question to get others to interact with you in the comments. Use more than one hashtag, using variations such as; #star, #stars, #starry, yet, don’t look desperate and over do it with unrelated hashtags.

EXERCISE: Connecting with people using technology is much easier than perceived when you focus on your intention

  1. Write out your purpose for your audience.
    What do you want them to know about you?
    How do you want them to see and interact with your product or services?
  2. Create about 5-10 personas about your audience. Ask questions and answer things like, are they young or are they older? Do you server professionals or at home moms? The more you communicate with them the more you will learn and be able to perfect your messages.
  3. Focus on your message in mages, headlines and include a call to action. What do you want them to do?
  4.  Every quarter, review your social media reports. Almost every social media platform gives you insight into how many people have viewed your post and how they interacted, by commenting or liking your post. The posts that get the most attention, recreate the look and hashtags/keywords using different messaging.

How your energy comes through in your writing and through your voice

There are many of us who intuitively connect with energy and consciously determine whether we want to have contact with the energy being transmitted. There are many who don’t understand it and connect with whatever energy is available or ‘in the mood for’.

Make a conscious choice and change your world.

You have a choice, exercise it! Everyone has the gift, it’s simply a matter of opening up and practicing your gift to tune into it or reject it.

Have you ever seen a picture with dark lighting and all these orbs show up? That is energy. Is it spirit energy? Maybe, or maybe it is energy from other sources of life. The real question is whether it is positive or negative energy and will it connect with you? Sometimes energy can attach to you and you carry it with you. You can control what you receive, but you must first be conscious and fully aware of its force.

Here is  an exercise to help you become more aware of the energy that’s around you and help you channel your own energy to communicate. The energy that is everywhere, just like the air you breath. You can follow better by listening to the podcast.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

I want you to visualize there are orbs all around you like the ones you’ve seen in photographs and acknowledge these are energy molecules and you are aware that any one of these received has a negative or positive charge.

In this exercise you start by being the observer by just noticing these orbs and aware of their powers.

This ancient energy that is floating in the space around you and could have been created before you were born on this planet.

As you observe this energy you start to feel its negative or positive vibe from a distance, but do not connect until you are ready.

You may have felt energy in the past and had no explanation why you felt anger or sadness. You are consciously aware now, so take notice of whether this is positive or negative when it was created. Was there fear in the moment or love?

An orb could be inspired when a first born child was brought into this world. You may have personally experienced this energy in your own life and know how powerful that feeling of energy was in that moment.

What if the energy orb was created when you accomplished something great? The feeling you never wanted to end is floating in space somewhere and you can manifest it and connect to it and have the same feeling all over again?

The thing is we connect to the energy all the time subconsciously, whenever you have a memory the energy is instantly generated from a positive or negative feeling which generates the energy.

Think of them as triggers that you have control of and can reconnect as easily as you can disconnect from them.

Energy is created everyday and it is infinite.

Now, I want you to picture one of the positive charged orbs floating into your lap. Physically take your hands and wrap it around this orb without opening your eyes. Take notice of the shape and the power of this orb.

Now, try to gently squeeze this ball of energy and notice the resistance and density of this amazing energy.

Take this orb of energy and set it on top of your head and rest your arms at your side. You should be feeling a positive charge of pure joy or contentment.

Then imagine a light from the sky that enters this orb and it goes straight through this orb and into your head.

You are one with this energy and you feel its love, its strength and most of all you feel at peace.

When we connect to an energy in the physical world we must also release it and let go.

You feel the orb disconnect and move away from you and you send it love and release it.

Don’t be surprised if you see some orbs today or find a picture with an orb in it. That’s the undeniable synchronicity happening in your life.

With this practice it should help understand that there is much more to your own energy than what you perceive. When you understand the energy we send out, you can also control it and target your audience with intention.

Before you begin a blog article or a campaign to seek an audience, sit and decide which type of energy you will bring into your communications. Will it be upbeat and entertaining or will it be educational? Then imagine the audience when you are writing as if you are speaking to a group, see individuals and envision their expressions of interest and amusement.

Make this a process and practice how you want them to feel and actually feel it. You create the energy (orb) with your emotions. We automatically do this when we generate communications with passion. When you are aware of it, you are more intentional.

When you don’t think about it and just go through the motions of everyday, you trigger unintentional energy that may not serve your best interests. If you’ve had a bad week or day you will bring that into your efforts. To avoid bad juju from messing up your hard work, identify and visualize your true intentions for your electronic communications and then focus on how this information makes you feel.

Your PASSION! The burn that makes you do what you do, will energize your communication pieces every time! Be intentional!

Thanks so much for joining in today. I hope you found this informative and helpful.

Have a great week and keep on blogging!


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