Why Build Email Lists in Your Blog?

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Listen up! The single most important strategy in your blog is to develop an offer and get your audience to sign up with their email address. I can’t stress this enough! In my 17 years of working in corporate, email marketing was the most cost effective marketing strategy and remains true today. As email marketing was my focus, I became an expert working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Businesses cannot run a productive business without this strategy and it’s simple to do in small businesses too.

Even if you don’t intend to send email in the beginning of your business, plan ahead and develop a strategy to collect email addresses. In this podcast I talk to marketing executive, Karen Olenski, a marketing executive with 20 years of experience,  about email list building strategies and the importance of developing a program into your blog.

Listen in and learn easy ways to incorporate a strategy to build email lists into your blog! Get list building tools you can use to get started with the free Essential Marketing Tools with over 50 tips and tools to get your blog on!

Length of podcast 1:01 hour

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Here is a brief overview of the podcast if you prefer to read over listening.

I am joined by my guest Karen Olenski who is an marketing executive with over 20 yrs experience.  We are talking about how to incorporate a strategy to collect email addresses that you will be able to use for campaigns and build a solid business around.

Let’s talk about the art of communicating in writing.

What famous movies in today’s technology can you think of that depict romance through letter writing?

Think about these famous classic movies that brought the art of letter writing back and shows its impact

  1. The Notebook –  Noah writes letters everyday for a year, all unanswered, due to Allie’s mother intercepting them. By chance, Allie see’s Noah’s picture in the paper seven years later and decides to visit him, in spite of her impending nuptials to another man.  After spending time together, Allie confronts Noah about not writing her and they share what is considered one of the greatest cinematic lip locks of all time.
  2. PS I love you –  A your wife is widowed and is given numerous letters left behind by her deceased husband, encouraging her to go on adventures and move on with her life. And through his encouraging letters to live again she finds love.
  3. You’ve Got Mail – Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. A modern twist on classic love letter writing. A secret relationship is developed through a series of emails
  4. Dear John –  with Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum about a marine on leave and falls in love. He promises to write with only one year left to serve and then re-enlists after 911

Even with technology and electronic communications we are still enchanted with hand written letter writing. The Notebook is still a favorite movie and has stood the test of time.  This is confirmation and reason to develop a blog and incorporate email communications and make connections.

Why you should build an email list

  • You are courting your audience, just like a romance, you want them to fall in love with you and what you are selling
  • Emails are more powerful when personalized with their first name and the from address is YOU
  • Emails help you stay connected with an audience which is interested in what you have to say in your blog, podcast, and or videos
  • When you send an email it says you personally care about your audience and you want them to be notified first of your blog posts
  • When you send special exclusive offers to this group it adds more value and keeps them from unsubscribing

Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings

~ Zig Ziglar

Tips and Tricks

  • Make your subject line interesting to get your fans to open the email
  • Make an email template and keep it simple. Copy and paste highlights from your blog to create the email, instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Don’t try to create emails from your email account (gmail) find a good email tool vendor, I use MailChimp. They are setup with Can Spam compliance that helps you maintain a professional program and avoid legal issues
  • Take time to learn about email marketing. Watch videos and read articles each email vendor site has a help section to learn how the program works. Schedule time to research and develop a professional program
  • Review your Analytic dashboard in the Email vendor site to see how your campaigns are working
    TIP: If you have an email that received less than a 10% open rate, change the email subject line and resend it to the 90% by copying the 10% addresses who opened and exclude them from next send.
  • Be YOURSELF! People connect with people and that’s why blogging works, it shows a vulnerable side to your business and your authentic personality
  • The time you send and the subject line can affect your open rates, test those out by changing subject lines and varying time sends to find what works

5 Great Ideas to get your fans to sign up and give you their email address

Do a giveaway, it could be a book on your subject, an inspirational book, A motivational CD to listen to in your car, or a DVD/video to watch (Zig Ziglar has many great motivational products that inspire people)

  • Or offer to giveaway a product that you are selling (etsy) to one lucky person or if inexpensive say 5 lucky winners
  • Or intellectual property such as an eBook or a document with valuable resources
  • Offer a free online course, via email send a link to a video or a PDF file on your website
  • Create a drawing for a free online course from your site. Make a very attractive form and headline to catch attention.
  • Build a list with a pop up survey tool called Qualaroo. Convert the tool to a email sign up which pop up that says “You seem interested in MY  blog. Would you like to sign up to get free blog updates? Pop up have proven to be a very successful method for sign ups.
  • Challenge them to sign up and learn something new like how to make a million $$ or learn a new technique. Once they sign up you send them an email with a link to the web page that holds the information. This ensures you get a valid email address.
  • Create a Group in Linked in and when you setup the welcome email in Linked In you can add in an offer that sends them to your sign up page on your website, bam got their email. The OFFER could be a confirmation to a membership to access exclusive information. If you run a LinkedIn group, you can easily do the same thing by going to Manage–>Temples–>Welcome Message:

Some phrases which have been tried and tested to show results such as these:

The simple answer: traditional pitches like, “Sign up to my list and get a free ebook” don’t get the job done today.

Use these instead:

  • I’m pretty sure you’re with me on this one: (works better than sign up for our newsletter)
  • Featured Download

Here are  some value terms you can use to make your giveaway more enticing:

  • Featured
  • Exclusive
  • Advanced
  • Download
  • Secrets
  • Access
  • Special Offer
  • Limited Time

“Do what you love and be true to yourself, and the money will follow”

~ Karen Olenski
Marketing Consultant and former Marketing Executive

Sometimes you need a little help “a Boost”
  • Hire a coach to look at your business as someone unattached and an objective observer to get to the next level
  • Sometimes it takes a coach to help you setup processes and get organized
  • A coach will also inspire you to focus and create balance on what’s important to get you to the next level.
  • Talk to someone who has used a coach and how that made a difference in their life.
  • Professionals use coaches all the time to help them reach their goal, to keep them focused and accountable to stay on track
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Contributing Author

Melody Tune is the founder and strategic leader at DesignWrx Digital MarketingZiglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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“Be intentional when setting goals focusing on significance”
~Melody Tune
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