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It’s tough today to get raving fans, let alone get fans to return to your blog again and again. This podcast talks about tips and secrets to focus on getting raving fans to love your blog.

In the last few minutes of the podcast Melody will guide you to set an inspirational intention to keep you motivated. This is a powerful intention to get you on the right path.

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 In this week’s podcast:

  • I will give you tips and secrets on how to get raving fans
  • I will share strategies to get your fans to read your blog post and look forward to every blog post
  • Learn how to get organized and plan ahead
  • Get your mindset intentio to be the change you want to see.
  • And be sure to stay tuned for the blogging tip of the week

Discovering Numerology Changed My Life, But It’s Not What You Think

To my amazement, I learned something about myself when a friend introduced me to Numerology. I changed my mindset about myself with this description of my number 7 which comes from adding your month, day and year of your birth date. Whatever this numerology was, it was powerful. It launched me into a different perspective of myself and I began following the path it claimed I was destined to be on.

I obviously was not following the right path in order to make this transition. I was one of the poor souls who veered off the path and was lost.

I later realized with clarity is that I could do anything I set my mind to. It wasn’t about whether Numerology was a mystic knowledge that was destined to change my life, it was about my ability to change my course of direction in life.

Be the change you want to see, is my mantra. It doesn’t matter who your boss is, or who the leader of the country is, when it comes down to your life. You are the one who decides which path you take and one thing I am sure of, if you do nothing, you will not change.

Stay with me to the end, and I will tell you the secret of how you get on the right path.

How do you get raving fans to follow you and read your blog posts?

To make a connection with your audience in this highly competitive business, you need to stand out and be unique.

How do you do you stand out?

You already stand out on your own, you have an energy field around you and if you could see it, there would be unique colors and patterns —much like a DNA field that is unique only to you. Many very sensitive people see your colors and call it your Aura. It can change with your moods, just like your energy shifts with your emotions.

If you were paying attention in this blog post, I started out with a personal story. I reached out and took a risk that either you would connect or learn something about me that makes me truly vulnerable. A story unique that contributed to who I am today.

You might be saying, but your blog is about business and here you are sharing deep secrets about your personal life.


It took years for me to learn this very simple secret that connects you to your audience. In order to be unique you have to be vulnerable and share what makes you unique. I have a lot of knowledge as an expert in digital marketing, as an author and part of a world class coaching organization. Those are just adjectives, the real me is the person that was driven to add these remarkable accomplishments to my resume.

There is so much more to me and how I got to where I am today, and the same is true for you. How did you get where you are, what challenges did you face? Share your stories and people will connect with you and look forward to your next story.

That’s the secret to getting your audience to come back again and again to visit your blog!

Another tip to drive raving fans back to your blog is being consistent in your programs and blog posts.

People like to know what to expect…

I have an outline for my podcasts and I try to consistently stick to it, sometimes I shake it up by bringing on a guest which helps break up the monotony to keep it really interesting.

Here are some tips to drive people to your blog post.

  • Before someone reads your blog post you must grab their attention with an irresistible headline in social media.
  • Optimize your headline!  Spend time with your headline, this is what people read first to take action.
  • If your headline isn’t compelling enough to take action to click on the link, then your content doesn’t matter.
  • Spend time researching keywords that get attention using Google Adwords, Google Trends, Buzzsumo.
  • Test out your headline, post several times in social media using a different headline to find out which one gets more engagement.
  • Find an engaging image or video to use in your post.

“Take action to get results, if you don’t get the results you want, do it again until you get it right!”

The take action and do it again strategy is what every successful person uses to get where they are today. They never give up!

Once you focus on this strategy you have no other option but to be successful. You may head in another direction but you will be determined to become successful.

Once I moved out of corporate and decided I was never going back, that’s all I needed to know that I would be successful. I decided to create a course, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.

Don’t worry about how you will get there. There will be challenges and road blocks that are sure to show up, but you work through them, just keep swimming. Trust me!

How to simplify work efforts and focus on staying organized

  • Create an outline for your blog post and follow it weekly.
    • ie. Intro, content, tip, summary, conclusion
  • Maintain a weekly schedule which outlines what day you complete each task.
    • ie. Write, research keywords, find images, record podcast or video, edits, review and publish
  • In the beginning it seems overwhelming but as you get more experience, it gets easier and you get quicker at completing your tasks.

Lastly, I use an app called Evernote on my desktop, laptop and mobile. It’s free, plus it offers a paid version. I use this as a notebook. Wherever I’m at, I have access to Evernote. When I’m at the grocery store and I get an idea for a blog post I open up the app and add to the list. I have a running list in Evernote. Incorporate this tip and never run out of ideas as you will add to it frequently.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last, well neither does bathing–and that’s why we recommend it daily.

~Zig Ziglar

How to Stay Motivated

Motivation requires some work on your part, which means you need to find it and engage with it. Whether it’s a daily motivational verse you read, or a favorite podcast you listen to each week. Many very successful people swear by Zig Ziglar cassette tapes (now on DVD.) They would listen to them daily over and over again. Ziglar inspired millions and it’s one reason I became a Ziglar motivational trainer to share this wisdom with my tribe.

I’ve heard the younger generation say they listened to Zig Ziglar while their parents played it in the car and felt it made a huge impact in their life. If you broadcast motivational and inspiring messages in your car while your kids are young, it sticks.

Podcasts are the easiest and simplest way to get your daily dose of inspiration. I highly recommend it when you are driving, especially with long commutes.

Today, you can put on a pair of headphones and listen to a podcast with iTunes anywhere. My doctor’s office has free wifi, this is a perfect time while waiting impatiently for my on time appt. 😉

Try it!

There are thousands of motivational podcasts to listen to on iTunes. Do a search for, inspirational, motivational, and some will fall under the category of spiritual.

Here is your blogging TIP of the week.

If life is not quite working out the way you expected, sometimes a slight change in your life can shake things up and help move things in the right direction.

Tomorrow, try doing one thing that is different and out of the ordinary for you. It could be as simple as getting up an hour earlier than usual and take a walk or jog. What about forcing yourself to take a lunch out with a friend instead of eating lunch at your desk and start doing it one day a week?

It only takes 30 days to start a new habit, one that will stick and change your perception on life. Incorporating exercise will increase your oxygen levels and increase your mind power, plus get you into shape.

Having lunch with a friend once a week will get you to start connecting again with people who matter. That connection has huge effects on your energy field and will help you to connect to other people that may change your life with their connections. It truly is a ripple effect.

The last few minutes of this podcast I would like to help you focus on change and make your life better.

Listen in to the last few minutes of the podcast to participate in this powerful intention on how to be the change you want to see in your life.

Thanks so much for joining in today I hope you found this informative and helpful. If you liked it please give me a rating in your iTunes.

Have a fantastic week…..SEE YA!


Melody Tune


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