Plan to draw attention to yourself for a career change

What makes you unique as a person and what makes you unique to your industry or job?  It could be the time to draw attention to yourself and point out what makes you shine! The past decade of economic downfall and hardship has made challenges for many of us trying to get ahead and to get noticed for our accomplishments. If you didn’t take advantage of this time to set yourself apart from everyone else and reinvent yourself, now is the time. It’s never to late to tap into your gifts and use them.

What are my gifts and how do I find them?

First, draw attention to what you are doing now and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I like what I am doing and does it make me happy?
  2. Is what I am doing morally and ethically good and does it serve a purpose?
  3. Is my time well spent most days and do I feel that at the end of the day I have accomplished something?
  4. Do I stand out with my talents and am I acknowledged for my talents?
  5. Do I see myself growing and being happy in this position/career in the future?

If you are feeling stuck and are unhappy with your current job choice, take time to review how you can move on and find something that suits you. This could be a slight move within the company or a one-eighty to redirect your energy and focus on something new. It may not mean you have to start all over to change your career path, but if you have been in a dead-end job for a number of years…looking for something new and exciting may be your only way out. Find your passion and turn it into your career. Following my passion has never served me wrong…going from a hairstylist career, after that I became a graphic designer, which led me to be the Internet marketing guru that I am today. And more recently an entrepreneur running my own website in addition to being a Ziglar Legacy certified speaker and coach. All of my experiences and desires have lead me to reinvent myself at different times in my life. When something was not working for me and I became unhappy, I found a way out and followed my intuitions and it always served me right. I may have encountered a few bumps in the road but it never deterred me from finding what I truly wanted in life—to be happy!


Set a Daily Intention

Look deep inside to draw attention to yourself and focus on what makes you happy. I highly recommend meditation as a regular practice to help you focus and stay motivated as you prepare to find your purpose. If you haven’t tried meditation…why not? It certainly can’t hurt. There are many websites and free podcasts on iTunes that can help you get started and help you find a method and rhythm that works for you. Each day when I wake up I say to myself, “I am grateful to be given this day, how can I serve my purpose?”  I set the intention of my day before it begins and meditation helps me clear my mind of any negative input taken in over years that can sometimes muck up real solutions to life. It’s hard to get a clear picture of pure intelligence when other sources mislead us from the truth to our real purpose of being here. Many call it “letting go and letting God” and others see it as an energy that is created by simply allowing space for new energy to enter by clearing out the information/energy that no longer serves our being.

Take one step at a time and you can reach the career of your dreams. It may sound magical but you are literally manifesting the intent with your thoughts. Your thoughts are the driving engine that sets your actions into motion that are needed to achieve your goals. Once you find your path or specialty, focus on doing it well and avoid being pulled in other directions. You must stop being all things to all people it is not serving you or anyone else well. It’s easy for me to say that because I’ve been there, it’s messy! I once had a boss/mentor that helped me focus on my career path by saying, “a doer of many things is a master of none.” That changed my path and she helped me to focus on one thing, which was email campaigns and I became the master of email campaigns. When technology and sales demand pushed out the lead generation programs, I was primed and ready to take the lead and generate the campaigns that were driven by emails. It served me well and I learned a very valuable lesson when focusing on how beneficial it was to being an expert. You must also find balance in your life. All work and no play will open the door for unhappiness. You must create a balance of family, work and activity/exercise with energy that brings meaning to life, to be effective in your life purpose.

Get out of your Comfort Zone!

For some of us it’s easier to seek and find purpose than it is for others, because you must be eager to get out of your comfort zone to find a new lease on life. Once you learn and practice to shed your comfort skin and replace it with thick skin, it gets easier and you will succeed. As a matter of fact YOU were born to win. Redirect your efforts, hone in on specific techniques and talents that will set you apart from everyone else in your work environment. I started my career as a hairstylist. Yes a hairstylist, and I served the industry for twelve years. I loved serving others and the creativity and fun atmosphere that a salon could offer me and in return, it served me well. That’s how it works, you serve and in return it serves you back. I even went on to teach workshops for hair coloring and did platform work on a stage at hair shows. At one point I decided to make a change as I could not see myself standing on my feet the rest of my life and needed to make a change. I had some physical challenges from several serious accidents in my younger years and was told a career of standing would not serve my body well. I was actually told at one point I would not be able to do this type of work, but I loved it and I persevered for another 10 years with this news and without any regrets. I went from a very creative and physically demanding job to being a technical nerd sitting at a desk. I love technology! I would of never seen myself where I am today from my high school years. You can be whatever you want to be and you can be good at it if you work hard enough at it. Be passionate!

Plan and Prepare to Win!

Now, is the perfect time to set goals, plan to execute, and get ready to achieve them. You need to set aside time to come up with a plan, starting with what makes you happy. What are your dreams? How do you see yourself in 2-3 years, do you see yourself being happy doing what you are doing now? Do you see yourself doing something new and totally different? Either way it’s a good time to prepare, plan and execute being a happier you! No doubt there will be challenges and bumps in the road but if you are focused and stay the course, you will find things work out the way you intend and sometimes even better. Start writing what you need to focus on to be an expert at it, get creative and plan to do something you will love and believe it will happen.

“Always focus your energy on passion when seeking a career, money should be considered,
but money can only help you to be happier it does not create happiness.
There are enough unhappy millionaires in the world, dare to be different!”

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“Be intentional when setting goals, focusing on significance and magnificence.”
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