Meditations for Professionals

Meditations for Professionals

MeditationWrx™ was developed to provide quick meditations with professionals in mind. If you need to become unconditionally present in your day to be more productive in life and at work, this is for you.

In each, approximately 5 minute guided audio meditation, you will focus on intention to open your mind for greater wisdom. When you set an intention your subconscious takes on the task and you simply go on about day. Once you realize that it is your mind that blocks you from greatness you will discover that setting an intention can help you in all phases of life, including your career.

Once you witness how this impacts your day you will want to incorporate this technique daily. Try expanding the time you remain in silence for longer periods of time to expand your consciousness and understanding, allowing the universe to provide you the answers you’ve known all along. Eventually, you will erase the conditioning that no longer serves you and prevents you from being the successful person you were born to be.

Allow wisdom to be the driving force in your life by eliminating the noise for a few minutes each day. You create a vibration frequency which attracts those who impact your life and serve you. Your vibration tribe will help you get to the place of influence to achieve success with presence. This is the place where happiness dwells. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. When you start to get comfortable it will be time to begin your next journey. When you live your life with purpose, joy and excitement follow.

 Check back for your daily dose and free your mind!

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Find a Peaceful Resolution- Meditation

Click on arrow to play audio – 4:43 minutes

Raising Your Vibration to Attract Success  – Meditation

Click on arrow to play audio – 4:05 minutes

New Beginnings – Meditation

Click on arrow to play audio – 4:45 minutes

A Productive Day – Meditation

Click on arrow to play audio – 4:51 minutes

Eliminating Negativity – Meditation

Click on arrow to play audio – 8:11 minutes