Build an online audience

Proven Digital Strategies to Generate Sales

In this podcast Melody, along with her guest Karen Olenski a former marketing executive and currently a marketing consultant, share proven digital marketing strategies to help you generate sales. Whether you have a blog, website or another platform to sell products and services these are essential to incorporate into your sales strategy to drive and […]

BBB Podcasts

Blogging is Simple With the Right Tools

In this podcast Melody shares simple blogging strategies with the right tools needed to get your blog on. If you’ve been thinking about blogging or you have a blog and want to monetize it, this podcast gives examples to make money with solid blogging strategies. If you have a great blog and a good following […]

You got mail from your blog fave

Why Build Email Lists in Your Blog?

Listen up! The single most important strategy in your blog is to develop an offer and get your audience to sign up with their email address. I can’t stress this enough! In my 17 years of working in corporate, email marketing was the most cost effective marketing strategy and remains true today. As email marketing […]

Take Fear out of Building a Blogging Business

Building a Blogging Business and Taking the Fear Out of it

  Many of us are kept from realizing our dreams. It’s time… hold off on pushing the panic button about building a blogging business and take the fear out of it. In this podcast, I talk with Karen Olenski who is a strategic marketing consultant and former communications executive with 20+ years of experience in strategy, […]

7 Easy Steps to Improve Blog Traffic

Learn 7 Easy Steps to Improve Blog Traffic and incorporate Analytic tools and strategies to improve your blog/website traffic. This podcast discusses the importance of measuring your efforts from social media and your website. This will give you insight into your efforts to help you make strategic decisions on your future efforts.  Melody Tune is […]

How to Find Professional Images to use in Your Blog

In this podcast you will learn the importance of images and how they are used to impact an audience in your website and social media. Melody will share tips and tools on how to find professional images to incorporate into your blog and social media. Plus, find out how which online applications work best to […]

The Art of Social Media

Social Media Tips – Build An Audience without a website

Social Media Tip Podcast How do you build an audience if you don’t have your own website? These social media tips will help you build an audience before you build a blog/website. In fact, you don’t need a website to build an audience and share your passion. This podcast will look at how sharing valuable […]

fISHIN for an Audience

Develop Compelling Blog Content to Catch an Audience

In this 2 part podcast, Melody is joined by her special guest, Karen Olenski. Karen is a strategic marketing and communications executive with 20+ years of experience in strategy, planning and execution. You will learn about how compelling content catches and engages an audience to build your blogging business. Are you looking to start a […]

How to Market Your Blog

In this 2 part podcast you will learn about blogging and how to market your blog. Learn how important social media is to build an audience to make money! Melody owned over 100 websites and she will guide you in what to do and what not to do. You will learn how much effort is […]

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Get over 50 Tips and Tools to Build Your Internet Business

Find over 50 blogging treasures when you sign up for the Essential Marketing Tools and get over 50 tips and tools FREE. You will learn how to navigate social media and build a targeted audience. The truth is anyone can develop a digital marketing strategy and achieve results beyond expectations. You just need the right […]

Twitter Profile Example #2

2 Simple Strategies to Gain Social Media Followers

Social Media (SM) is a powerful tool for driving followers to your website. You should be using SM to build an audience while driving SM traffic to your website or blog with links. Whether you want to lead them to your website to read information or to engage the audience to make a transaction, follow […]

6 Priceless Benefits of Using Social Media in Your Business

If you think building relationships and networking in-person is powerful, then you should realize the importance of social media and online networking. Social media marketing is essential when driving your message to your target audience. However, many still consider it a waste of time, preferring to focus only on personal connections. Then there are those […]

Plan to draw attention to yourself for a career change

What makes you unique as a person and what makes you unique to your industry or job?  It could be the time to draw attention to yourself and point out what makes you shine! The past decade of economic downfall and hardship has made challenges for many of us trying to get ahead and to […]