Focus on Planning and Execution to Build a Solid Business

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StrategyWrx Series: Focus on Planning and Execution to Build a Solid Business

Most of us who decide to become entrepreneurs have a great idea. I asked my daughter who works in corporate for a Fortune 100 company, what is it where some people have a  brilliant idea for a business but, they can’t get where they want to go? Her answer, “because people don’t execute.” I said, you’re absolutely right. People won’t execute because they don’t have the passion or they don’t have the knowledge.

When learning something new, like scuba diving, you need to get your feet wet. You have to get out of your comfort zone of free oxygen and trust that the experts will help you get to that place in the water with an oxygen tank and learn to become comfortable. Each time you dive and practice in shallow waters you become more comfortable and then you reap the benefits and your persistence pays off.

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It’s time to dive in, the water is fine!

My friend and marketing adviser, Karen Olenski, who is a former marketing executive and currently a consultant with over 20 years experience working in corporate, says people have trouble executing because they are afraid of what it means to come up with a strategy and properly execute the plan.  She uses the analogy of a business plan being similar to planning a vacation. To make steps to execute a strategy in business you should look at it as if you are going on a vacation. To take a vacation you have to know where you’re going and  how to get there before you can go on vacation.

We have all planned a vacation or a quick get away at one time. It’s as simple as visualizing and planning where you want to go with thought out steps to get there. Tell yourself the water is fine and dive in! Once you prime the pump the water will flow and you will continue to execute (pump) as the water flows; such as, more time with your family; self fulfillment; more money; no boss; you are revered as the gal/guy on top of the world. See it, be magnificent!

Planning and executing your route of escape

When planning your route of escape from your corporate job be flexible, plan for mistakes and bumps on this journey. Think of bumps as learning lessons and tests to reevaluate, revise and make it better. My experience as a digital marketer in corporate when launching marketing programs was that each launch was a test and if the results didn’t measure up, well then, you try something else. We based our next move on the results and continued to revise until the results came back to the company’s satisfaction. I’ve also seen where a company spent millions on a program and when the results didn’t produce profits, people lost their jobs. It’s all part of the process, and you have to be willing to go with the flow and be unstoppable!

Karen acknowledges from experience that most Fortune 500 companies require beta testing for three years before they release a product. Apply this to your business strategy as you build campaigns consider each campaign a test and look at the indicators to see what works and what doesn’t work. You are building and testing out which campaigns work in your email lists and social media audience to get them to engage. Once you find the secret sauce use it as a template going forward and revise annually to keep it fresh.

In the digital marketing world everything is easily tracked and recorded to evaluate your efforts. Learn who your audience is and what makes them engage? Which campaigns do they react to and which ones don’t work. It takes time to build a successful business. The first few years are the hardest and yet those times become the most rewarding as you execute and work through the process.

You don’t need to quit your corporate job right away, but you can execute steps to build a business that will get you where you want to go. I am here to help you do that to focus on what’s important, to visualize the life you want and to guide you on how to execute.

Watch the video and let me know in the comments below what struggles you are trying to work through?

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Melody Tune is the founder and strategic leader at DesignWrx Digital MarketingZiglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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A digital marketing strategist with 20 years of experience working in corporate and she has owned over 100 websites. An author and a Certified Ziglar Legacy Coach who shares inspiration and helps you take the short cut in figuring it out. She has helped individuals, sales teams, and organizations to succeed with their digital marketing efforts and websites. She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 clients and currently helps entrepreneurs get started or move to the next level with online branding, social media campaigns, digital marketing, blogging and websites. As a former graphic designer she has a keen eye for visual communications with strategies that work!

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