6 Priceless Benefits of Using Social Media in Your Business

If you think building relationships and networking in-person is powerful, then you should realize the importance of social media and online networking. Social media marketing is essential when driving your message to your target audience. However, many still consider it a waste of time, preferring to focus only on personal connections. Then there are those who don’t see the value of incorporating social media into their personal life or business strategy. If you’re one of these people, this article is for you.

The need to understand and embrace the power of connecting with people online today is crucial, especially in business. A majority of your target audience (and customer base) will only be be able to find you online. So while many find social media useful when communicating with family and friends, they shy away when it comes to marketing their business. This article will show you just how powerful social media can be in both aspects of your life.


One of the last images posted on Facebook, before he took his life.

Would you agree that a photo or video can tell a great story? How about that one picture/video that gets noticed and goes viral on the Internet? There are very few people that can verbally tell a good story, let alone a great story. While the pictures in someone’s wallet rarely get me excited, I will happily dig through someone’s personal photos online. Why? Because they tell a great story, often more effectively than the person themselves could’ve done!

The Power of Social Media

I’ll tell you a quick personal story that demonstrates the power of social media. I had a high school friend I had reconnected with on Facebook. I was online one night when I saw a strange post from him that said, “Just a moment to say good-by, love you all, and most of all Thank You.”

Within minutes I responded, “Hey friend, are you going somewhere?”

No response.

A few minutes went by and again I replied, “Don’t leave a pal hanging, do I need to be worried?”

Again no response.

Right away I started sending private messages to some mutual friends. I knew this person had been depressed and struggling after losing his wife to a long battle with cancer, and more recently his beloved pet, Poco. This was a friend many States apart and we had not spoken or seen each other in years. Yet I knew his story. I knew to be concerned. Luckily, I was able to connect with a mutual friend on Facebook instantly. I did not have his phone number but my friend did and she was able to call him. He answered the phone completely incoherent. Another friend (who knew his address) apparently called the police who arrived while my other friend was on the phone with him. Within about 20 minutes of me seeing his post, the paramedics arrived at his house and saved his life.

Since online messaging has the ability to reach an audience in real time, in certain cases it can mean the difference between life and death. Sadly, several months later this friend decided to end his life and there was no goodbye warning on Facebook this time.

I use this story as an example of the enormous impact and reach a social media message can have. This can be applied to your business as well. One social media campaign can brand your business in a way that people will connect with strongly. It’s this kind of branding that leads to true customer loyalty.

Need more details?…

Here are 6 Priceless Benefits of Using Social Media in Your Business

  1. Target Your Ideal Customers – Simply speak to their fears, needs, and desires. Allow them to identify with your message and your products. If done correctly, these customers will find you and begin spreading your message for you!
  2. Global Reach – Social media makes it possible to connect with potential customers worldwide (with free translation tools). You can also niche down your audience by targeting a specific area, such as your hometown.
  3. Time Saver – You won’t even have to get dressed or shower to network online. And once you get an audience built it will free up more time to focus on campaigns and bringing in $$$.
  4. Cost Effective messaging – Market your product or service globally at little or no cost. Also, many social media platforms make it possible to invite people for networking sessions that expand your audience and get your message out. A bonus feature is the ability to record it for free, put it on YouTube, and share with millions of potential customers in the future.
  5. Podcasts – It’s like having your own radio station to promote your awesome services/products! And once recorded, you can edit and re-purpose the message to reach even more future prospects. Check out my podcasts on Podbean.
  6. Automated Messaging – With social media and online networking you have the ability to reach millions while you sleep with inexpensive automated online tools.

Once you build an audience you can begin to build campaigns and automate them, allowing you to focus on other things, like your family and friends. It’s a big pay off once you build your audience. You can actually hire someone else to do this for you…

This is where we can help. We are the experts and can help you come up with your own awesome plan to execute. Just fill out the form below and we will contact you and help find the best solutions for your business!

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