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In this podcast Melody shares simple blogging strategies with the right tools needed to get your blog on. If you’ve been thinking about blogging or you have a blog and want to monetize it, this podcast gives examples to make money with solid blogging strategies. If you have a great blog and a good following and haven’t monetized it, you should consider setting goals to generate an income. It’s simple and easy to do!
The truth is anyone can develop a digital marketing strategy and achieve results beyond expectations. You just need the right strategy and tools with the ability to learn how to use them. The cost can be very inexpensive by using organic methods.
Listen in to this 2 part podcast and learn easy ways to incorporate a strategy to start a viable and successful blog! Get list building tools you can use to get started with the free Essential Marketing Tools with over 50 tips and tools to get your blog on!
Simple Blogging Strategies Podcast – Part 1
Simple Blogging Strategies Podcast – Part 2
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A brief overview: Blogging is Simple With the Right Tools

The key component for a successful blog is choosing a topic you’re passionate about. What can  you think of that you would love to do, love to talk about, and share with others?
These are just a few examples
  • Teaching a specialty
  • Photography
  • Sharing a topic you are passionate about
  • Knitting, crocheting
  • Interior design
  • Inspirational posters to share
  • How to make crafts
  • Natural medicine
  • Herbal treatments
  • Natural cleaning solutions
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Life coaching
Find something you love and start writing, recording podcasts (audio) or create videos and incorporate into a blog. A good strategy would be to incorporate a variety of media to your blog.

Here are the steps to get you started if you haven’t already started a blog

  1. First get The Essential Blogging Tools with over 50 tips and tools to help you to get started
  2. Start building social media accounts: Twitter, a Facebook group, Pinterest, Linked In..ect.

Spend time building solid social media profiles

How your profile looks and reads is the most important part of your social media account. It is what people connect with and will follow you in return if it looks reputable and if your bio interests them, they will feel a common connection.

Check out this podcast on How to Market Your Blog  to get more tips and details on building your audience in social media

8 steps to build an audience before you start a website

    1. Decide on a business model and define your audience before you start a blog
    2. Develop a business plan that defines your goals with your desired results
    3. Do competitive analysis to see what your competition looks like and narrow down your plan to a specialized niche to be successful
    4. Define your audience. It could include Age, gender, geography, homeowner, occupation, average income, level of education, religion
    5. What are the behavioral aspects of your audience. At what point is your customer ready to buy, for example if you are selling large items such as a lawn mower (replacement needed every 3-5 years)
    6. If you already have a customer base and do not know the demographics
      • Take a survey to help define them and their needs
    7. The more you know about your audience prepares you to plan in the future about how these groups will fit into a segmented email list to build campaigns around a calendar
    8. Ultimately, you want to define your audience to target an audience in social media with masterful messaging!

BONUS: Get a free copy of the Essential Blogging Tools and get started today!

You can learn more on building a social media audience in the blog titled: Social Media Tips – Build An Audience without a website

To start a blog all you need is a good strategy and then to set some goals

First You Need a Host and a Domain Name

  • Two types of blog hosting FREE and PAID
  • With free hosting you are limited in adding function to your blog
  • A paid WordPress managed web host such as GoDaddy or Bluehost costs as low as $4 a month. Start with a low cost version and upgrade as you build your business.

fISHIN for Good Images

  • You will need images that will compliment your website
  • Keep in mind you will also need images for social media to attract an audience
  • If you want to have custom images designed or need help with branding 99 Designs has low-cost designers
  • There are many free tools to customize images and there are free images when using a site with ‘creative commons’ attribute rules get the essential blogging tools and read this post to learn more about professional image use.

Social Media Swarms

  • Sign up for social media accounts
  • Learn which social media platforms suit your business model
  • TEST your bio and images to see what gets the most followers
  • You can read and hear more on these on these techniques in the blog post: How to Market Your Blog

Email Campaigning

  • The single most important strategy on your webpage is an offer to collect email address
  • A unique and intriguing image and offer to get people to sign up
  • TEST IT.
  • See Why Build Email Lists in Your Blog?

How to Create Compelling Content

  1. How to find good topics/content to write about
  2. How to write good headlines for posts in social media
    • Headline post is the most important to get an audience to connect and click
    • Learn creative techniques to develop good headlines
  3. How to optimize content and posts to build an audience
    • Keyword tools are found in the Effective Blogging Tools free
    • Research other accounts and look at reactions in likes and shares Retweets
    • is a website/tool that shares information on the most successful posts in social media
    • Review your Analytics to see what gets the best results and try to duplicate it
  4. How to develop a strategy to write/record content to create a system and be consistent
  5. Learn about the most important part of a social media account that attracts an audience to follow and like you.
    • The profile pictures and images
    • Your Bio
    • Strategy: Test it out to see what gets the most attention
Read and hear more on these steps in starting a blog on my website in the blog post: Develop Compelling Content to Catch an Audience

Get the Essential Marketing Tools to find out where to find free images to use in your blog. Images are important in your blog and a must in social media. You capture more attention with good quality images.

It’s important to activate your creative mind to develop effective images

Here are some techniques and tips:

  • Meditate to stop the thinking part of the brain and activate the creative side of the brain
  • Learn to draw
    • Buy a book search for easy drawing techniques
    • Watch drawing tutorials on YouTube
    • Even doodling helps tap your creative mind
  • Listen to music to activate the creative mind
    • Opera and Classical, Jazz, Blues, Indie Rock and Soul music are best to activate the creative mind
  • Crafting
  • Woodworking
  • Creative writing
  • Traveling to expand experiences out of the norm which spawns creative ideas
  • Working in dim lighting heightens your emotions to make you more creative
  • Working out picture puzzles stimulates the creative mind
  • Photography
  • Go to an art museum to get inspired

When ready to get creative, create a conducive environment with dim lighting and turn up the music!

You can read and hear more on these steps in the blog post: How to find professional images to use in your Blog


  • There is a learning curve in some of these techniques, but it’s a great way to learn something new, many resources and learning tools are provided online to help you
  • Make time, especially if you have a full-time job, to work on your blog. It takes discipline.
  • Suggestion: to purchase a planner or calendar to help get started
  • Be patient with your goals since success will most likely come slowly.
  • Most of all…HAVE FUN!
Here are some Quick Tips in developing a Blogging Business
  • If you’re creating original content, be prepared for it to consume some of your time.
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Decide the #1 goal of your blog
  • For areas that you’re not skilled in, seek out great collaborators.
  • Get a basic understanding of the digital media landscape.
  • Be authentic and learn to differentiate yourself. Most likely the subject you’ll cover is overly saturated with content. You will you need to find a way to make your work stand out.
  • Don’t limit your thinking, expect your blog to grow and expand your thinking to grow and expand as well
  • You may need to contract people to help you
I’ve recently added a section on my website with meditations called MeditationWrx, created with working professionals in mind. To help you with focus, balance and manifest success.
If you are just starting a business I recommend the meditation on my site called New Beginnings Meditation. It’s only 5 mins and if you do it daily it will help you get focused. Please connect with me or send me a message in the comments below if you have any questions.
As a Ziglar Certified Legacy coach and experienced digital marketing strategist who owned over 100 websites, I can help. Fill out the form below and let’s get started!

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Melody Tune is the founder and strategic leader at DesignWrx Digital Marketing

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A digital marketing strategist with 20 years of experience working in corporate and has owned over 100 websites. A co-author of the book Life Builders – Stories that Inspire [Get it on Amazon] and a former Certified Ziglar Legacy Coach who shares inspiration and helps you take the short cut in figuring it out. She has helped individuals, sales teams, and organizations to succeed in business. She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 clients and currently helps entrepreneurs get started and move to the next level with online branding, social media campaigns, digital marketing, blogging and websites. As a former graphic designer she has a keen eye for visual communications with strategies that work!

“Be intentional when setting goals, focusing on significance”

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