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Many of us grew up with the knowledge that we need a good education and job to survive and thrive. There are very few who are taught to become leaders and entrepreneurs. There is no text book in high school on how to be an entrepreneur, it is a mindset and it takes practice to get it right.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers which doesn’t only apply to career and investment choices

The entrepreneurial mindset applies to all decisions made which affects every aspect of their life and those they are connected too.

I personally, did not easily fall into the structure of the education system that dictated which lessons were important to be productive in society. Many of you can relate to the challenges in public schools and realize the public education system is not a one size fits all. The entrepreneur mindset will question the methods and discerns whether it’s beneficial to their goals. To go against the grain and produce a beneficial outcome is sometimes necessary and entrepreneurs are not afraid to take these risks. They move in a direction where others will follow and trust them because they are confident and smart, which is not the same as intelligent. They are smart because they are intuitive and willing to take a risk that will benefit all concerned.

Where does this mindset come from and how do I get it?

My career started in hair salons being paid only a commission for my services. I barely made enough money to pay my bills in the beginning. It took many months to build a regular following and a steady paycheck. As a stylist, I decided to run my own business and began renting out space in salons and teaching hair color techniques to other salons throughout the State where I lived. After some years, I became a single mom and decided it would be easier to get a corporate job and went back to college to get my degree in visual communications.

I moved into a corporate job and worked with Fortune 100 and 500 clients. I learned over time success is all about the mindset, we decide what we want and then we train our mind to do what it takes to acclimate to the environment…


…we get comfortable.

I became complacent and comfortable with a regular paycheck. I wasn’t any happier working in corporate but it did pay the bills and the benefits were good, until… the economy took a huge dive. That shook things up for me and took my sense of security down a notch in the comforts of the corporate world. My husband lost his job and was unemployed for 2  years, doing odd jobs here and there.

Employees made concessions at the company I worked for and took pay cuts to avoid putting our co-workers “family members” out of work. Our benefits changed, we lost many of those wonderful perks, in which I left my entrepreneurial career for.

This happened over night, and it can happen again and most likely will in your career lifetime. I had family members who lost everything without a warning.

Many business owners “entrepreneurs” suffered too, especially those who relied on the corporations they were contracted with, and then lost. Today’s smart entrepreneur is setting their self up to avoid the mistakes of the past to avoid being blind sided by an unstable economy.

Is the corporate world any smarter from its past mistakes?

In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely, because they are dependent on the systems that created them and profits rule their mindset.

There is a universal law that applies to the mindset of a smart entrepreneur. If you help others get what they want you will get everything you want. It’s about people helping people. It’s not about the old ways of networking and milking your connections, it’s literally about lifting each other up to succeed. I see it all the time in the entrepreneurial business world. It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to be a part of the movement. I’m not hearing much of that [having fun] in the corporate world.

If your only focus is to become rich, you are setting yourself up for failure.

When you put ONE thing in front of everything else, the scale tips, you loose balance and you fall. It’s the law of nature.

The mindset of the smart entrepreneur is about having fun while building your own business. We learn to appreciate the learning lessons that make us better human beings and successful.

Did I mention abundance?

There is plenty of money when you put in the work and efforts to create a desirable platform that the masses return to for valuable information. Your fans become loyal and trust your recommendations for any services/products you suggest or provide. If you abuse or test that trust you will learn a valuable lesson.

The get rich quick entrepreneur is out of business

Today’s smart entrepreneur takes advantage of technology and works smarter not harder. In my case, it’s about setting up businesses that produce what is called, passive income. Building a strong and intelligent business that produces income into the future. It takes hard work but once you build it, you automate your processes and it runs on auto pilot. It takes patience and stamina, this could mean staying in your corporate job until you get the bones to your business built and the money starts rolling in to pay the bills.

Many of you are asking, how do I get a piece of this pie? As a business coach and successful entrepreneur, I tell clients you have to be willing to get out of the system that was embedded into your mindset. We are all born entrepreneurs, it is the systems of this society that programs us into believing we are ordinary everyday worker bees. I am here to tell you that you are not just ordinary, you are extraordinary.

You are magnificent and you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

What does it take?

It takes passion, a soul on fire to express itself!

It’s up to you!

But, you might say, how do I find my passion? You need to set time aside everyday to soul search. I am talking about shutting the systems in your head down and being in the moment. Take a vacation, clear your head and allow your soul to catch fire. For some of you the ideas will ignite your passion and surface quickly, for others, it may take more time. Spend some time in nature, walking and hiking and enjoying the things you forgot about when life got busy.

You need to take the time to be with yourself in peace and quiet, many call it time out, others call it meditating. It sounds so simple, but for some it will take patience and practice. Balance is important in order to think clearly and to have a successful business and life. Balance is also extremely important for good health and happiness.

There are many tests that provide information on whether you have a balanced brain. If your left hemisphere is used more you need to work on firing and activating your right side to balance out your entire body and LIFE. It does not need to be an equal balance. If you struggle and find you’re anxious in doing things out of your comfort zone than you may be dependent on the left hemisphere of your brain and need to exercise the right side of your brain. This will lead to finding it easier with less anxiety when you do move out of your comfort zone.

On the other hand, if you’re an artist or musician you may find it difficult in the business world. When I was in design school I thought the talented artist would get the rock star jobs in all the graphic design roles. When I finished school and went up against these artists with spectacular portfolios, I learned the artist struggled with the business side. I was placed in a job over them because I dressed and acted the part that the professional industry needed and wanted at that time.

In the case of the artist, they need to exercise the left brain, focusing on crossword puzzles, math problems, whatever activates the left side (the thinking side.)

Try the link below to find out which side of your brain is more dominant. Interestingly enough, my score on this test was 60% right brain, and 40% left brain. In the past in taking similar tests when I worked in corporate I would fall closer to the middle almost 50/50 right to left brain. I started using an app tool everyday called Elevate to exercise my left brain to help bring back balance.

I will take up more creative projects and design to exercise my right brain, if the test were to show my right side was less active.

Find out which is more dominate by taking this simple test then find exercises to develop and create balance. It’s not good or bad what you score, this is a gauge to show balance.

Take the test to find out which is more dominate your right or left hemisphere of your brain.

Four exercises to shape your smart entrepreneur mindset and find balance

  1. The RIGHT brain, is not the left brain – stop thinking about it
    In order to get out of the thinking mind you need to shut if off. Meditation has proven to be therapeutic for many who suffer from depression and anxiety caused by worry (over thinking.) Shutting down the thinking mind, regularly, is a way to get balanced.You will be exercising your brain to create balance within the body to find clarity, direction and perspective. When the right brain is exercised it will enhance your intuition and visualization, critical for the smart entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur has to make decisions quickly and thoughts can get in the way and slow down the process. When your intuition and visualization is sharpened you get the job done, right. [pun intended]
  2. Hiking, walking or biking are also good exercises to clear your head when you focus on your surroundings. Focusing on beauty and nature helps you to appreciate your existence and find gratitude outside the illusions of the business world.The key is not to think about all the things you are not getting done while exercising and pay attention to the sounds and sights of nature. Appreciate what you’re seeing and hearing as if it were a magnificent art gallery.Do not judge it, appreciate it.

    Do this every weekend and you will be surprised how your thoughts will start to change. Your energy levels will also increase, allowing more productive time.

  3. Get out of your comfort zone – Take on new challenges with a sense of excitement (not dread) and grow from them. You will find a sense of accomplishment when you learn you can take on anything and be a better person for it.
  4. Get Creative – Take up art, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube to get you started. Find a medium that you enjoy. You may find that doodling on paper is therapeutic enough for the right brain. I started with a book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I never considered myself an artist even after I became a professional graphic designer. And I believe even if you’re not born with it you can train the mind to become an artist. I also LOVE adult coloring books. I use glitter ink pens and it’s so much fun.

Learning to embrace the mindset of the entrepreneur is easier than you think. Turn off the thinking mind daily and spend time exercising the right side of your brain and success will surely follow.

Contributing Author and Entrepreneur – Melody Tune

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