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How do you build an audience if you don’t have your own website? These social media tips will help you build an audience before you build a blog/website. In fact, you don’t need a website to build an audience and share your passion. This podcast will look at how sharing valuable content can build trust with an audience. Start sharing your passion now and build an online audience and learn how to curate content and orchestrate valuable information to attract an audience which values what you are sharing and become your loyal fans.

Once you are ready to share your website/blog you will have a captivated audience to lead and direct them to do what you need them to do, within your website.

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Listen to this podcast in 2 parts and learn how to build an audience in social media with Content Curation. This strategy helps you build a loyal customer that  relies on you for sharing valuable information. They will follow you anywhere, including to your website. If you don’t have a website built, using Content Curation in social media is the smartest way to start building your tribe.
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Part 2 (27:54 minutes)

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What you will learn

How to build an audience before you have a website or Blog?

  • The strategy is to build an audience in social media and at the same time build a blog or website
  • A loyal audience is built by sharing information and content from other sources and nurtured in social media
  • It’s actually best to have an audience first and drive them to your website

8 steps to take to build an audience before you build a website

    1. Decide on a business model and define your audience before you build a blogging business
    2. Develop a business plan that defines your goals and what are your desired results
    3. Do competitive analysis to see what your competition looks like and narrow down your plan to a specialized niche to be successful
    4. Define your audience. It could include Age, gender, geography, homeowner, occupation, average income, level of education, religion
    5. What are the behavioral aspects of your audience. At what point is your customer ready to buy, for example if you are selling large items such as a lawn mower (replace every 3-5 years)
    6. If you already have a customer base and do not know the demographics
      • You could take a survey and find out what defines them
    7. The more you know about your audience prepares you to plan in the future about how these groups will fit into a segmented email list and build campaigns around a calendar
    8. Ultimately, you want to define your audience to target an audience in social media with masterful messaging!

Are you targeting the right audience in social media? Review this infographic to find out if your strategy is right for your business and online presence.

The 3 Most Important components of content in your blog and social media posts

    • The headline is what compels your audience to react/click before they read your blog
    • Keywords in your blog optimize it for SEO Search Engine Optimization
    • Lastly, is the Call to Action! Tell the audience what you need them to do and repeat it.

Strategy of Content Curation

Content Curation is the act of identifying, selecting and sharing the most relevant online content, resources, images, inspirational quotes, videos, posts and tweets that relate to a “specific subject” which match the needs of a specific audience.  The act to share valuable content in social media from other sources. It could be blog articles, Tweets, Facebook posts, Google + as well as other social media platforms. When using this strategy be sure to take a few precautions and setup appropriate rules before sharing.

Be sure to review the content you are sharing and ensure it’s aligned with your blog’s subject matter. Read through the content to offer value to your audience and avoid articles that are loaded with promotional material for another website.

When you use this strategy to build an audience in social media you build trust between you and your audience. They will trust you to give them valuable information when you align the content with your expertise and add your own commentary. Once you are ready to share content from your own website they will be excited to read and view your own content. Continue sharing other content along with your own content and offer variety to your audience. They will respect and trust what you share with them.

Be sure to give credit where credit is due and mention the source you are sharing with @Twittername or website. Lastly, encourage others to share, it’s contagious and that’s why they call it viral.
As a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, one of my Favorite quotes by Zig Ziglar is:
“You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want in life.” ~ Zig Ziglar


Contributing Author

Melody Tune is the founder and strategic leader at DesignWrx Digital MarketingZiglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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A digital marketing strategist with 20 years of digital marketing experience working in corporate and has owned over 100 websites. An author and a Certified Ziglar Legacy Coach who shares inspiration and helps you take the short cut in figuring it out. She has helped individuals, sales teams, and organizations to succeed with their digital marketing efforts and websites. She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 clients and currently helps entrepreneurs get started or move to the next level with online branding, social media campaigns, digital marketing, blogging and websites. As a former graphic designer she has a keen eye for visual communications with strategies that work!

“Be intentional when setting goals focusing on significance”
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