10 Inspiring Reasons to Start A Blog

What's the Dream?

There has never been a better time to start your blog!

If you’ve been indecisive about starting a blog to make money, you are about to make the best decision of your life. You just need the motivation and information to help you start your own blog.

Why start a blog? Because bloggers are the heart and soul of the Internet and successful bloggers know how to make money. This business is exploding with plenty of room to grow and get your piece of the action.

Many companies have expanded their marketing strategy to include blogs which drive traffic to their websites, and it’s working! This platform works organically with Google search which makes it much easier to get to the top of the search results

10 Inspiring reasons to start your blog!

  1. You’re tired of working for the man or woman and getting no where in your job.
    Maybe you have a corporate job and you need that pay check to pay the bills. The great thing about a blogging business is you can build it at your own pace, while you work at your corporate job. Spend a few extra hours a week and find your true passion. A strategically planned blog can make you money beyond your expectations and it will make money while you sleep; plus, you get all the credit for your success.
  2. You have a skill set or knowledge that is teachable and you want to share it with the world.
    If you have a specialized skill set or experience in subject matter, most likely, there are many people who would love to learn about it too. If you would just take the time to write it down and connect on social media you could be making money with affiliate marketing and later turn your posts into an ebook for sale.
  3. You’re an at home mom and want to become a mompreneur to make some extra income.
    Mommy blogs are taking over the Internet and making big money. If you already have a following on Facebook try sharing a mommy moment and see if you get a “hell yeah” or ask a question where you provide a solution or give an antidote. Try different posts to engage your followers and find out how much interest you peak. If you get even one response, then you are a prime candidate to push your Facebook followers to your blog. When you have followers who trust you they will also buy from you. It doesn’t have to be your own products. Did you know the store Target has an affiliate link that you can place on your blog and they will pay you a commission?
  4. You work in a competitive business and you want to be known as a thought leader and influencer in your industry.
    A blog is simply the best way for anyone in business to exploit their knowledge and prove they are the expert! A smart strategy is to start a blog and wherever you go thoughout your career, you own it and take it with you. It’s a way to collect contacts and keep in touch with those you can do business with after the non-compete contract expires.
  5. You’re looking for a proven strategy to make more sales with your company.
    Sales is challenging and a blog is an excellent strategy to connect with a larger audience and make a brand for yourself that people will remember, trust and buy from rather than someone listed in the company directory.
  6. You want to create a business that will eventually be automated to work and generate income while you’re on vacation.
    This has always been my ultimate goal, to have a business run while I’m on vacation six months of the year. Automation is the key, and the Internet has the technology to get you there. The technology is simple and cheap and you deserve to go on more vacations for your brilliant efforts!
  7. You want to have a platform that will expand as your business generates more revenue and grows.
    If done correctly, by registering for your own domain with a WordPress.org blog, your website will be scalable which allows your business to grow beyond your expectations. There are many who start out with a free hosted blog solution to later run into a brick wall. If you follow the instructions in my blog posts you’ve started on the right path to grow your business to infinity. Think big!
  8. You have unique gift ideas that you can share and promote to generate income.
    One of the best strategies to make money on the Internet is affiliate marketing. Amazon has a program where you can pick specific gift ideas and place them on your site or you can automate it with gifts ideas that fit your subject matter on your blog. The key to driving traffic to your blog is through social media strategies and we at DesignWrx.com have the strategies to guide you.
  9. You’re a coach and you want to help others achieve their goals.
    Do you have a coaching business? A blog is the smartest way to reach a large targeted audience where you can share your wisdom. Once you make connections with individuals or groups you develop strategies and email funnels to convert those interests into paying clients.
  10. You are a person who knows how to research and find ways to get things done, share your know how with the world.
    There are many who love to research and find solutions, techniques and processes to get things done. Thousands of people are looking for your solutions. Why not share them on a blog or offer a complex solution for a small cost and make money for your hard work in research and solutions?

Blogging is no different than verbally telling your friend what you already know and where to find it. You just need to capture your story in video or images and write about it, then share it with thousands on social media. There is a reason why it’s called viral marketing, people love to share. Your loyal audience will be taking your advice and buying what you recommend, and for the first time you will make commissions on your suggestions.

Click here to see a video with step by step instructions, and signup for your very own WordPress hosted blog.

A blog is a critical part of any business strategy

~Melody Tune
Entrepreneur and Co-author

What does it take to get inspired and build a successful blog?

It takes passion and determination. If you have those two attributes you will succeed. To help you get started sign up for The 4 Essential Steps to Start A Blog.  Fill out the form below to get the steps to launch your very own blog today!

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I am so excited for you to get started! Even if you’re not ready to blast your blog to the public, now is the time to build it and discover all the possibilities to make money. Find out which one, or, how many of the strategies you can plug into your blog with online affiliate marketing, such as Amazon, Google Adsense and much much more.

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Congratulations! You have just completed step one of your blogging business.

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