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Diver executes a dive

Focus on Planning and Execution to Build a Solid Business

StrategyWrx Series: Focus on Planning and Execution to Build a Solid Business Most of us who decide to become entrepreneurs have a great idea. I asked my daughter who works in corporate for a Fortune 100 company, what is it where some people have a  brilliant idea for a business but, they can’t get where […]

You got mail from your blog fave

Why Build Email Lists in Your Blog?

Listen up! The single most important strategy in your blog is to develop an offer and get your audience to sign up with their email address. I can’t stress this enough! In my 17 years of working in corporate, email marketing was the most cost effective marketing strategy and remains true today. As email marketing […]

7 Easy Steps to Improve Blog Traffic

Learn 7 Easy Steps to Improve Blog Traffic and incorporate Analytic tools and strategies to improve your blog/website traffic. This podcast discusses the importance of measuring your efforts from social media and your website. This will give you insight into your efforts to help you make strategic decisions on your future efforts.  Melody Tune is […]

How to Market Your Blog

In this 2 part podcast you will learn about blogging and how to market your blog. Learn how important social media is to build an audience to make money! Melody owned over 100 websites and she will guide you in what to do and what not to do. You will learn how much effort is […]