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How to Build a Brand

Branding Guide with 5 Steps to Knock Out A Killer Brand

How to build a killer brand in 5 easy steps In this podcast you will learn 5 easy steps to brand your blog with this free branding guide. How to get fans to recognize and remember you everytime you post a blog article. In the last few minutes of the podcast Melody will guide you […]

connecting to raving fans

Get Raving Fans to LOVE Your Blog Posts

It’s tough today to get raving fans, let alone get fans to return to your blog again and again. This podcast talks about tips and secrets to focus on getting raving fans to love your blog. In the last few minutes of the podcast Melody will guide you to set an inspirational intention to keep […]

Trust the Journey

Blogging Matters 101 – Start a Blog!

A new podcast for beginners! Have you ever wanted to start a blog but you didn’t know where to start? In this podcast, Melody will cover tips, techniques and tools to share while you focus your time sharing your passion with the world! It’s easy once you have the tools and resources to get started, […]

fishin for a blog?

10 Inspiring Reasons to Start A Blog

There has never been a better time to start your blog! If you’ve been indecisive about starting a blog to make money, you are about to make the best decision of your life. You just need the motivation and information to help you start your own blog. Why start a blog? Because bloggers are the […]


Build an Internet Business in 30 Days

You can easily build a blog in 30 days. Melody shares a solid plan and timeline to get your blog up and running, sooner rather than later. Do you have a passion you want to share with the world and make money? Or, maybe you work in sales and need to up your game. A […]

BBB Podcasts

Blogging is Simple With the Right Tools

In this podcast Melody shares simple blogging strategies with the right tools needed to get your blog on. If you’ve been thinking about blogging or you have a blog and want to monetize it, this podcast gives examples to make money with solid blogging strategies. If you have a great blog and a good following […]

Take Fear out of Building a Blogging Business

Building a Blogging Business and Taking the Fear Out of it

  Many of us are kept from realizing our dreams. It’s time… hold off on pushing the panic button about building a blogging business and take the fear out of it. In this podcast, I talk with Karen Olenski who┬áis a strategic marketing consultant and former communications executive with 20+ years of experience in strategy, […]