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We have been taught that if we do, we will have and when we have we can be. This concept of living creates an enormous work load and many times you end up with nothing. What if we take a minimalist approach and shift into abundance, which requires us to BE, first?

I learned through experience that when I focus on balance which provides more joy and happiness, it requires me to BE. This balancing act opened my mind to a new realm of possibilities. I became grateful for the things I have and began to cherish time with family and friends which pushed me to just be and listen to the universe. Before you can embrace this concept you must create a work life that is more effective and efficient by taking a minimalist approach to your work efforts.

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In the last few minutes of the podcast Melody will guide you to set an intention which will help you shift into the mindset of the minimalist expert and create a flow to work smarter and not harder.

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How to be the expert minimalist and put an end to perfectionism to flow at a faster pace

  • I will share how this phrase “kill the perfectionist” became a huge mantra for me working in Corporate
  • How to end a mindset of why everything needs to be perfect to work more efficiently
  • This is a bad habit and it only takes 30 days to change a habit
  • At the end we will set an intention to help you flow at a faster pace and end the madness
  • And stay tuned for the blogging tip of the week

OK, we all know what a perfectionist is but let’s define a Minimalist
Minimalista person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals. A minimalist lifestyle is what serves you in the most effective and essential way.

I love this definition as it suggests to serve you in the most effective and essential way. In this world today we have too many things, too many choices with too many decisions to make. I believe in taking a minimalist approach to everything I do in life and work.

When I worked in corporate as a digital marketing expert, it drove me crazy how the decision makers would make requests for these grand stand websites and emails. They wanted them to have all these bells and whistles without any thought into the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

I built a website for a credit union and I had a dozen requests from the various departments of what they needed, then they would inject a ridiculous request… I want my web page to do a high dive off the 3rd floor into a small pool on the cement ground and survive the fall. That’s what I would hear when they made these requests. So you remember Charlie Brown’s teacher saying, WAH wah wah WAH WAH? That’s all I heard, because a minimalist blocks whatever does not serve them.

The perfectionist does not consider the budget, the time, or whether their grand scheme has any great results. Another bad habit of the perfectionist that would drive me crazy is their delusional request for the website to look like Brand X (the competitor.) Which would be a mega corporation that had a budget 10 X more than what was in our company budget. My question back at them would be, do you know what kind of conversation rates they receive from their multi million $$ website? I would get the blank stare.

And just because a big company has a pretty website does not mean the website produces great results.

What happened as time evolved and the bells and whistles started to break websites and create chaos in the new versions of each browser, it caused a great deal of resources and money to keep up with the changing technology.

The reporting showed these bells and whistles were a distraction from what companies wanted customers to do for the business strategy. The moving animations were either annoying and customers exited quickly, or they watched the spinning thing a ma jig and didn’t bother to look at anything else.

Enter THE MINIMALIST DESIGN. Whoo hoo… finally, an answer to my prayers!

It even got better because it became such a trendy and hip phrase, they all wanted the minimalist design. They would say it’s so clean and simple, I love it!


But the bottom line is… it saves companies time and resources which make this method more efficient and inevitably, there is nothing to break, which makes it effective.

Build a business that will be simple and sustainable for years to come

“Be intentional focusing on significance not perfectionism”



When you focus on significance you find that perfectionism has a hard time rearing its ugly head. You take a practical approach and say, how will this serve me to make my life better and those that I serve?

Making mistakes is human and if you are taking actions to cover up all the mistakes or waste valuable time to make a change because it can be better, you are not looking like a human to your audience.

I’ve actually referred to some people as “AI” [Artificial Intelligence] when things look too perfect. When video sets, marketing material, and people look perfect it gives me a feeling I’m back in corporate, where a lot of money is spent and a lot of time is wasted.

This culture always reminds me of people I worked with that never executed, or was always late delivering. They are too busy spending time making things look pretty and time is money. When you look at data and examine projects to be effective, you find pretty does not always work.

There is a science to how people view material and decide to take action and why I was never really impressed when others spent all their time on how perfect something looked or comment on how awesome it looked, beauty is in the eye of each beholder. How would they know if someone else might decide it was ugly and hated it?

The focus should be on placement of the elements on the page where data has proven success. There is plenty of data which shows specific layouts determine how people look and buy.

Entrepreneur On A Budget

When your budget is thin and time is critical you must meet timely deadlines in order to generate a profit.

It’s important to focus on what is significant and let some things go that are not critical which do not effect your bottom line.

A company I worked for was bought and we had a new team of people we were working with. This team was so different from the group I had worked with before. We had a very successful company and most of the time we were able to execute and deliver marketing materials that were professional and effective. It ran like a well oiled machine.

When I began working with this new team I expected a few bumps and some changes but what I experienced most of the time was chaos and drama. One example was I had to put together an email in partnership with a very well known company in the industry, and the material was time sensitive (with an expiration date) and it had to be delivered on time.

This new person that I worked with became what I called a perfectionist. See perfectionism is an illusion, it does not exist, we are not perfect by nature. It is a waste of time. This person kept sending me changes to the email which did not need to be changed. It was a word or a phrase that this person thought sounded better, there was nothing wrong with the initial piece of content. Our previous policy for the reason of meeting deadlines, is the copy must be finalized before it even gets to me. Obviously this person had not been privy to this critical rule and felt she could change the copy at any time.

My job was to put it into html and test the email to ensure when it was delivered everything worked and the links that are critical went to the right place. I rarely ever paid attention to the copy but each time she changed this copy I would have to go through the entire testing process over again and this is when things can go wrong and extend the timeline.

She came back with one last change to her perfect email and it was to the headline and we were getting close to missing the deadline. I copied her change swapped out for the old headline and sent to her in a test one last time, she said, “good to go” and off it went.

When it came into my in box I looked at the first thing you see “the headline” and there was a typo.

This is why perfectionism is a waste of time and money, I experienced this lesson over and over again in my career working in corporate.

Fast forward and into running my own business, when someone says you made a mistake or there’s a typo most of the time it’s easily fixed. If the mistake shows up in print materials, this is a bigger deal, because it is permanent and impossible to fix. The same is true in an email, you want to spend most of your time in the digital asests with testing your emails, those are permanent once sent out.

What’s most important for success is execution!

Get your content out! Most people understand if you make a mistake and forget it about 5 seconds later. I find mistakes in a major news media articles and publications all the time. It happens, you are human.

It can take a lot of resources, time and money to maintain the “perfectionist” status quo.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate processes to avoid making mistakes and operate your business efficiently:

  1. First write a descriptive title and research to optimize the keywords in the title. This is the first thing someone sees and decides to engage with on whether they will read the rest of your blog post. If you don’t have a good title your article is dead!
  2.  Write a rough draft of what you want to say in your content and don’t worry about your grammar and spelling just yet. You want your content to read as if you are having a conversation with someone, be human, and let your personality show through.
  3. Edit after you finish writing, you may want to move some of the paragraphs around too for better reading and flow.
  4. Remember that you are writing for a global audience, so be careful with too much slang and obscure expressions, keep it simple. I was always taught to write as if you were writing to a 5th grader, of course today, I don’t think I am smarter than a 5th grader, how about you? Basically use simple words and expressions to communicate.
  5. After you finish your rough draft go back and re-read, clean up some of the highlighted grammar errors and typos and break up your content into smaller chunks. Create sub headings for easy scanning.
  6. Lastly, print it out and get someone else to read it and mark up with there suggestions. It’s easier to catch mistakes in print.
  7. PUBLISH, this is the most important thing, remember you can always make simple edits at anytime. It’s important that you don’t get hung up in the process.

Here is your blogging tip of the week.

Many times you find that you have a situation where you get what is called writers block, the creative juices stop flowing. One thing I do is incorporate meditation to help shut down the thinking mind and it helps open the creative side of the mind.

Another thing you can do is to physically do something that shifts you into the right side of your brain, the creative side. Grab a coloring book and just start coloring. I use to tear out a page from a coloring book and put tracing paper over it and color inside the lines with out tracing any lines. You get some creative artistic images when you don’t trace the image and this will open you up to write creatively.

The last few minutes of this podcast I would like to help you to focus on intention for success.

I want you to pause the recording if you are driving and wait until you can sit and relax and focus.

Listen to Podcast at mark 23:00 to set the intention for Be – Do – Have and focus on less is more and set more time to just BE and find that life flows effortlessly.

Thanks so much for joining in today I hope you found this informative and helpful. If you liked it don’t forget to give me a rating in your iTunes.

Have a fantastic week…..SEE YA!


Melody Tune


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